A ClojureScript-based webapp framework


We are working on API docs, a developer cookbook , videos, and public talks. Check out the materials below, and be sure to check back again soon.

Developer's Reference Guide (in progress)

A reference guide. In progress. It will eventually cover all of the concepts and APIs of Untangled.


The Untangled Cookbook should rapidly become a great source of documentation that is task-focused. Contributions are encouraged and welcomed. The Wiki on that repository can be used to suggest additions and vote on them.

Developer's Guide

There is a full developer's guide. It is intended to be cloned, read, and edited. If you'd rather just read the material (without actually doing it), we've included an online version.

Om (next)

There are a number of tutorials about the database, queries, UI and more at the Om Wiki (see the section on Om Next).

Note that Untangled eliminates the need for a custom parser, networking code, normalization, and a number of other things; however, the core docs there will be important to know about.

Other External Resources

David Nolen has given a number of talks on Om Next ideas and architecture.

Tony Kay has a white-board video covering how the basics of Om internals are connected. It covers parts of the system that Untangled handles for you, but is still of interest if trying to understand the basic internals (or if you plan to contribute).

Getting Started Videos

We have an Untangled YouTube channel dedicated to instructional videos (some of which also have corresponding lab materials on GitHub):